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Your First Line of Defense

At Molod Spitz & DeSantis, we are dedicated to defending clients in complex liability matters in New York and New Jersey courts. To that end, we make the "power of balance" work for you:

We Are Experienced...

MSD's attorneys are experts in areas ranging from construction accidents and automobile claims to product liability and insurance coverage issues. Our more than 50 years' experience conducting trials gives us an edge in cases brought to us by insurance carriers, privately held businesses, self-insureds, third-party administrators and risk managers.

...And Forward Looking

Our long history — representing two generations of attorneys — is juxtaposed with newer approaches to the law in response to, and anticipation of, changes in the industry, communication and technology.

We Are Locally Respected...

MSD has a reputation as a formidable adversary in the New York court system, including its most difficult and high-verdict counties. Our record of success includes several landmark cases and precedent-setting decisions. Our expansion into New Jersey has extended the reach of our services to our clients.

...And Broadly Connected

We count among our many affiliations The Harmonie Group, whose member firms have strong reputations in negotiation, litigation and trial advocacy. Please follow this link: Behind the Scenes with The Harmonie Group & Canadian Litigation Counsel for additional insight into The Harmonie Group and its sister organization, The Canadian Litigation Counsel. Our connections also extend further based on our attorney's memberships in ABOTA, FDCC, IADC, and the Gotham Group. These memberships are all by invitation only and require extensive vetting, reflecting the highest caliber of our network affiliations.

We Are Flexible For Clients...

From the start, MSD partners with each client to understand individual circumstances, define the parameters of the case and interpret the risk/reward options.

...And Resolute In The Courtroom

Distinguishing us from other law firms is our ability to see a case through trial. Where the interests of our clients prevail, we do settle cases - however, many clients choose us because we do not hesitate to go the distance and take a jury verdict.

We Give You The Service You Want...

We measure our success in favorable verdicts and economically beneficial results.

...And The Defense You Can Afford

We do everything possible to streamline the litigation process and proceed swiftly toward resolution, reducing both time and costs.

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